Research Group

  • Dr Luis Hidalgo, Principal Investigator


  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


  • Understanding the Immunologic Mechanisms behind the Leading Cause of Transplanted Organ Loss

Although the short-term survival of kidney transplants has greatly improved, long-term survival remains a challenge. One of the main reasons behind this lack of improvement is the inability to diagnose or understand antibody-mediated rejection (ABMR) due to the multiple subjective requirements for the diagnosis. The unmet need is for a robust, objective method to diagnose ABMR and the development of experimental systems to further explore the mechanisms causing the damage. Our goal is to incorporate results from the molecular tests that we have performed to help with the diagnosis and minimize subjectivity. The findings from these molecular tests will be validated in experimental systems that can yield a more detailed understanding of ABMR as well as allow for testing of current and future therapies.

Final Report